Permanent hair removal procedures

permanent hair removal procedures

So, if the hair follicle is destroyed, it will never produce hair. It is perfect for blond or light hair and it's more painful than the laser method. But, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method, deserving all the money and the pain. Although the process is slow and expensive, many persons, both women and men, have resorted to this method to remove unwanted hair once and for all. Because hair grows in different stages, you will need more than one session to remove all the hair, usually from ten to twenty-five sessions and the cost of a session is around 90, on small areas, and 1000 for large areas. People who resorted to this procedure got rid of their unwanted hair in a few years.

Diode laser is the most effective hair removal system so far. It works best on darker skin complexion, being less efficient on lighter hair. This laser uses a long wavelength and protects the skin as much as possible. Pulsed Light (IPL) is not a laser, but it also produces energy in the form of light, as a laser device. Nonetheless, it is the best source for treating all skin types, except white hair. The patients find this system less painful than laser treatment. There are some side effects, like changing the skin color that may last several weeks or months, depending on the patient, ingrown hairs, pimples or burns on darker skin tones. Ipl machines are more difficult to use because they are using a broad spectrum of wavelengths, depending on the type voeding of hair and skin color, so you will need an experienced technician to operate. Because the penetration into the skin is more superficial than a laser's light, some of the thicker hair and with a deeper hair root, won't be destroyed. Also, not all the light is absorbed into the root, meaning that the heat will go into the skin pigment, resulting in burns, especially if a person has a darker skin tone. Electrolysis, the other method, electrolysis, uses very fine needle-shaped electrodes or metal probes to apply an electric current into each hair follicle to destroy the root.

permanent hair removal procedures
light is deep red and because it emits slowly the heat, this system is recommended only for people with a light skin tone. For the other patients, this type of laser produces often side effects, like pigmentary changes and burning. Alexandrite laser is a universal system, which can be used on large body areas and for a wide range of skin complexion and hair color. Its red light is known for producing minimal hair re-growth. Nd: Yag Laser can be used on any type of skin tone and hair color, including tanned persons. Because it is the newest laser for these kinds of treatments, it isn't sure that it can provide long-term hair removal. It covers large areas and it is safe to be used more often on the skin, thus the distance between sessions can be reduced. The patients who used this system agree that it is a painful process.
permanent hair removal procedures

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Many patients have experimented discomfort, from a mild stinging feeling to the sensation that your skin was snapped with a rubber band. You should keep in mind the laser hair removal is only a long-term reduction method that lasts about two years, depending on the person and her type of hair. Personally, i see the advantage of buying a home laser machine and not going to a salon for this procedure. So, if you decide to buy a home laser device, you should know what type of laser that machine uses. Also, if you can, you should ask an expert opinion. There are a few types of laser hair removal systems face currently available for us and there are: Argon, speedtest which is no longer used for hair removal. Ruby laser, alexandrite laser, nd: Yag Laser, diode laser. Pulsed Light (IPL) or ultimate light. All of these systems were developed over the years to bring better results in the hair removal treatments.

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permanent hair removal procedures

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permanent hair removal procedures

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Did you hear about permanent hair removal method? If not, this is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposing it to pulses or laser light, which will destroy the fair follicle. Women spend a lot of time and money on all kinds of hair removal methods, so, for them using this technology to remove the body hair is the greatest remedy, after all. As a matter of fact, there is no 100 guaranteed permanent hair removal method, but the most common ones are laser hair removal and electrolysis. I should mention here the ipl - intense pulsed light, which it isn't a laser technology, but it is used in permanent hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal systems, first one is the best for women with dark hair and light skin zonen because the pigment that colors the hair -melanin- absorbs the heat from the laser/light, until the hair root is destroyed. It won't work well on white and blond hair.

Permanent hair removal procedures
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