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plunging v

Deformation style classes edit folds that maintain uniform layer thickness are classed as concentric folds. Those that do not are called similar folds. Similar folds tend to display thinning of the limbs and thickening of the hinge zone. Concentric folds are caused by warping from active buckling of the layers, whereas similar folds usually form by some form of shear flow where the layers are not mechanically active. Ramsay has proposed a classification scheme for folds that often is used to describe folds in profile based upon curvature of the inner and outer lines of a fold, and the behavior of dip isogons. That is, lines connecting points of equal dip: 6 Ramsay classification of folds by convergence of dip isogons (red lines). 7 Ramsay classification scheme for folds Class Curvature c comment 1 Cinner couter Dip isogons converge 1A Orthogonal thickness at hinge narrower than at limbs 1b parallel folds 1C Orthogonal thickness at limbs narrower than at hinge 2 Cinner couter Dip isogons are parallel: similar.

(davis and reynolds, 1996 after Donath and Parker, 1964; Ramsay 1967). A fold that can be generated by a fold axis is called a cylindrical fold. This term plus has been broadened to include near-cylindrical folds. Often, the betekent fold axis is the same as the hinge line. 3 4 Fold shape edit a fold can be shaped as a chevron, with planar limbs meeting at an angular axis, as cuspate with curved limbs, as circular with a curved axis, or as elliptical with unequal wavelength. Fold tightness edit fold tightness is defined by the size of the angle between the fold's limbs (as measured tangential to the folded surface at the inflection line of each limb called the interlimb angle. Gentle folds have an interlimb angle of between 180 and 120, open folds range from 120 to 70, close folds from 70 to 30, and tight folds from 30. 5 Isoclines, or isoclinal folds, have an interlimb angle of between 10 and zero, with essentially parallel limbs. Fold symmetry edit not all folds are equal on both sides of the axis of the fold. Those with limbs of relatively equal length are termed symmetrical, and those with highly unequal limbs are asymmetrical. Asymmetrical folds generally have an axis at an angle to the original unfolded surface they formed.

plunging v
a fold is the point on a limb at which the concavity reverses; on regular folds, this is the midpoint of the limb. Fold terminology in three dimensions edit The hinge points along an entire folded surface form a hinge line, which can be either a crest line or a trough line. The trend and plunge of a linear hinge line gives you information about the orientation of the fold. To more completely describe the orientation of a fold, one must describe the axial surface. The axial surface is the surface defined by connecting all the hinge lines of stacked folding surfaces. If the axial surface is a planar surface then it is called the axial plane and can be described by the strike and dip of the plane. An axial trace is the line of intersection of the axial surface with any other surface (ground, side of mountain, geological cross-section). Finally, folds can have, but don't necessarily have a fold axis. A fold axis, is the closest approximation to a straight line that when moved parallel to itself, generates the form of the fold.

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Folds form under varied conditions of stress, hydrostatic pressure, cream pore pressure, and temperature gradient, as evidenced by their presence in soft sediments, the full spectrum of metamorphic rocks, and even as primary flow structures in some igneous rocks. A set of folds distributed on a regional scale constitutes a fold belt, a common feature of orogenic zones. Folds are commonly formed by shortening of existing layers, but may also be formed as a result of displacement on a non-planar fault ( fault bend fold at the tip of a propagating fault ( fault propagation fold by differential compaction or due to the. Contents Describing folds edit fold terminology. For more general fold shapes, a hinge reuma curve replaces the hinge line, and a non-planar axial surface replaces the axial plane. Cylindrical fold with axial surface not a plane. 1 Folds are classified by their size, fold shape, tightness, and dip of the axial plane. 2 Fold terminology in two dimensions edit a fold surface seen in profile can be divided into hinge and limb portions. The limbs are the flanks of the fold and the hinge is where the flanks join together.

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plunging v

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plunging v

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For other uses, see, fold (disambiguation). Folds in, paleoproterozoic marble in Nunavut, decolte canada (with hammer for scale). Folds in alternating layers of limestone and chert in Crete, greece. An asymmetric angular fold in Ukrainian. Carpathians in Dora (near Jaremcze, ivano-Frankivsk region, west Ukraine. A geological fold occurs when one or a stack of originally flat and planar surfaces, such as sedimentary strata, are bent or curved as a result of permanent deformation. Synsedimentary folds are those due to slumping of sedimentary material before it is lithified. Folds in rocks vary in size from microscopic crinkles to mountain-sized folds. They occur singly as isolated folds and in extensive fold trains of different sizes, on a variety of scales.

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