Number seven face cream

number seven face cream

But by midweek, i realise my foundation has much greater staying power and my skin is staying matte for longer. Still, i dread the tightness that appears after the smallest splash of water — so i avoid washing it off for as long as possible. The sensation makes me super-aware of my skin. Im used to carrying on with my day without giving my face a second thought, but without moisturiser I can concentrate on little else. On the monday of the second week i meet a friend for lunch. I recoil as she examines my face.

And, of course, i wondered if all my unguents were actually making my skin worse: after all, the cocktail of chemicals I slather on every night is far from natural. We tend to overcomplicate skincare, says cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting. Men often do little more than splash water on their face; by comparison, women often create problems by embracing trends that dont necessarily suit their skin type. My month-long trial would begin with a test to assess the condition of my skin, then another one four weeks later to assess any change. At Londons Cosmetic Imaging Studio, nicolas miedzianowski-sinclair uses a visia device to analyse my skin for sun damage, wrinkles, redness and pore size. Its bloesem a mixed bag: my wrinkles are danger good for my age, but my moisture levels are low (galling considering all that time and money) and my pores and redness are particularly bad. But it is the fact the machine says I have uv damage — the thing that ages skin most drastically — that alarms me the most. Im dreading the month ahead. For the first week, i sorely miss my moisturisers. After every wash, my skin feels tight and flaky.

number seven face cream
every four months. That alone was enough to entice me to put Marys method to the test. For a month I decided to pack all my potions away and, after washing with liz earle Cleanse polish (13.25) cleanser morning and night, do nothing else. Of course, im concerned any savings will come at the expense of irreversible skin damage. And, at 40, thats a risk i can scarce afford. Kathryn when she was still using face creams. But at the same time i, like every woman i know, have a sneaking suspicion Im being sold a pup by the beauty industry. The average woman will spend 18,000 on skincare in a lifetime but, deep down, i suspect we all know that no amount can really stop the ravages of time.
number seven face cream

Lotus youth Preserve face Cream with Super 7 Complex

The secret to her success is, basically, nothing. Mary berry, 79, has near perfect skin; but she doesn't use any face creams. I dont have any beauty regime, she said in a recent interview. I just use one foundation, one powder, one lipstick. I dont use any face creams at all. The very thought of going without moisturiser almost brought me out in a rash, but I was intrigued that someone could forego it entirely and powerplus not look craggier than a cliff face — not least because my own skincare exfoliating regime costs me dearly. Theres my two day moisturisers: kiehls Ultra facial Oil-Free lotion (34) to tackle the oiliness around my t-zone, and Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Cream (80 which promises to target signs of ageing.

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number seven face cream

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number seven face cream

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Mary berry, 79, says her recipe for perfect skin is to not use face creams. The average woman spends 18,000 on skincare in a lifetime. Kathryn Blundell goes face cream free for a one-month-trial. Now she knows exactly what her face does - and doesn't - need. Published: 22:36 bst, updated: 09:17 bst, there are some counter-intuitive beauty tricks that you can understand might just work — massaging skin to prevent wrinkles or applying your conditioner before your shampoo for bigger hair. And then there are some that are just bonkers. At least that was my reaction when I heard Mary berrys recipe for near-perfect skin at 79, which i assumed would comprise an entire arsenal of vitamine potions to ensure her skin is as bouncy as one of her souffles.

Number seven face cream
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